Thank you for your interest in Haus of Eliza! 

Founded in 2021 with a focus on reducing textile waste and slow fashion. We are a self taught one woman small business based in Dallas, Texas. We predominately sell fashion corsets which are a modern take on a traditional corset, they have boning but are not as structured as a classic corset and do not have waist training capabilities. Our vintage and pre loved items are carefully selected, inspected, and cleaned prior to shipping. Our main passion is vintage lingerie however, we pick up anything that catches our eye! 

How do we reduce textile waste? 

While we are not 100% waste free we do everything we can to produce the least amount of waste possible! 

• We source used materials that have been donated and are in good condition 

• We upcycle and rework fabric/supplies 

• Our fabric scraps are recycled and used for various things such as pillow stuffing! 

- Pricing 

We strive to offer the most affordable price however, handmade items are going to cost more than a fast fashion corset that you see online for $20. These corsets are so cheap because they are typically made with cheap materials and are the product of slave labor with workers being treated poorly and not fairly compensated for their work. Handmade items take a lot of time, materials, and precision that is not always considered when viewing the price. Thank you for considering this when viewing our products. 

- Sizing 

We are not always able to offer every size or multiples of every design due to the fact that our fabrics are mostly thrifted or recycled. Unfortunately we can’t can’t always recreate a design or find the same fabric.